Zoa Chimerum Jewelry, a biomorphic, deceptively soft, touchable line of rubber jewelry inspired by the growth patterns of flora and fauna.

Zoa Chimerum Jewelry is a partnership between Creative Director Sue-Yee Leung and Design Director Ian Henderson. Ian has designed jewelry for twenty years. They met at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
Zoa Chimerum is biomorphic handmade jewelry featuring rhythmic, flowing patterns of cut rubber layered over forged aluminum. The collection conjures images of prickly sea creatures and thorny blossoms, but uses soft rubber to ensure each piece is comfortable to wear and pleasantly tactile.
Our designs are developed intuitively and iteratively as dialogue with process and material. We set up rules for ourselves at the start of a project, and follow those rules. Each segment of rubber is cut and assembled in accordance with a predetermined procedural requirement. Rather than making and assembling the small pieces in service to a predetermined form, we make and assemble small pieces in accordance with a rule set, which ultimately generates (grows?) a form that we would not have imagined otherwise.

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